Miriam Nadler


You can email, but Twitter DMs are most likely going to be a faster and more reliable way to get in touch. My GitHub username is mknadler.

Career & Code

I currently work at Vox Media (which is much larger than, but does include, Vox.com) as a web developer. As part of my job, I make tools for journalists and other types of content creators; I also work on a design system that is interacted with by hundreds of my editorial coworkers every day. My job is to make their jobs easier. I love coding semantic markup, creating accessible interfaces, writing technical documentation, crafting animations, and refactoring/wrangling huge amounts of CSS/Sass.

Coding Ethics

I believe that writing technically correct code is necessary but not sufficient for writing good code: if the code is written to accomplish a goal, and that goal is not met by that code, then that code is bad code, regardless of how clean it is.

I believe that well-written code that serves a goal of violating human rights is terrible code; there is no such thing as neutral technology.

I believe that good code is written with empathy.

Selected works

Animations and Experiments

My web animation and generative art projects can be found at CodePen.

Sites & Editorial Development

Vetch is a poetry journal by/for trans writers. I wrote the code and designed the website.

I wrote the code for the following stories: